TAIR 2013

We have a few exciting things going on next week at TAIR in Galveston, TX. Stop by our booth where we’ll be giving away a guitar, and there you can also schedule a demo and hear about some of our clients’ success. We’ll be presenting “Best Practices in Dashboard Design,” and Brazosport College (named a Top Ten Community College by the Aspen Institute) will be giving two presentations on how data has improved student success on campus. Here are the details:


Best Practices in Dashboard Design

Presenter: Michael Taft, CEO


When: Session B7
Where: Ivy 2


As Edward Tufte said, “If your numbers are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.” In this session, we’ll focus on the work done with six community colleges over four years to develop compelling dashboards for displaying institutional progress. We go over the most powerful ways of displaying visual information, touch on best practices for developing key performance indicators (KPIs), discuss sources for community college KPIs, and strategies for getting everyone on the same (dashboard) page!

For more information on the dashboard design references we routinely, see this blog post.


From the Outhouse to the Un-repentant Warehouse

Presenter: David Preston, Director of Institutional Research, Brazosport College


When: Session F6
Where: Ivy 1


“Sorry I’m late with this, but we are up to our #$% in requests!”, “Sorry, I can’t get to that
right now; we are in the middle of something else.” Ever get these types of excuses from your IR office?
We had some of the same time issues with trying to provide our users with the information needed,
when needed, and to the extent needed. Our solution was a data warehouse solution using Zogotech as
the interface. The difference this product has made on production for the IR Office has been nothing
short of phenomenal. This presentation will tell the story of how we migrated to using this product and
some of the lessons we learned that may be of help if you do migrate.


Student Learning Outcomes Analysis Made Easy by New Analysis Tool

Cindy Ullrich, Research Analyst, Brazosport College
David Preston, Director of Institutional Research, Brazosport College


When: Session D4
Where: Vine 1


Brazosport College has been implementing Student Learning Outcomes for several years but analysis and reporting was cumbersome and time consuming using existing software and processes. With the installation of ZogoTech, the college is able to analyze the data much more effectively and efficiently using the ZogoTech analytics. Differences among faculty,
day-night sessions, dual/credit and non-dual/credit, etc. can be examined at the click of the mouse with
the goal of improving instruction and eventually improving student success. This analytical tool has been
quite revealing and helpful as well as easy to use.