ZogoTech Analytics Platform

ZogoTech Analytics is a full data analytics platform from data integration to visualization.  The platform is modular so a college can use pieces individually or use them in conjunction with other tools.  For example, some colleges use Tableau or PowerBI on top of the data warehouse.

Use a data warehouse to supercharge your visualization tools

If you already have a visualization tool (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau) you can supercharge it by connecting it to the ZogoTech Analytics data warehouse.  The ZogoTech Analytics data warehouse can consolidate data from multiple data sources (SIS, NSC, LMS, etc), take snapshots of the data, and transform the raw data into meaningful information (e.g. to predict which students might be at-risk).  This makes it much easier to create reports in your favorite visualization tool.

ZogoTech’s Apps complement other Visualization tools (Power BI, Tableau, etc)

Traditional BI tools allow IR / IT to create attractive reports and dashboards for end-users. These reports are even more powerful and easier to create when built on top of the ZogoTech data warehouse (see above). However, these tools have some notable gaps. This video shows how ZogoTech’s Navigator complements traditional BI tools, filling in some of their gaps, and making it easier for end-users and designers to get access to data.

Some of the gaps in typical BI tools:

  • Problem: With traditional Visualization tools, end users must go through report designers for even minor changes, which frustrates end users, stifles a culture of inquiry, and strains already overworked IR/IT departments.
  • Problem: If a user wants to view the report with a different group of students or if users want different filters for their dashboards, the designer has to create multiple copies of the report, leading to maintenance issues.
  • Problem: End users can only do simple filters. They cannot, for example, pick out students who are “Low-income OR First-generation.” Enabling this requires more coding by IR / IT.

With ZogoTech’s Navigator and Time Series Analyses:

  • Reports & dashboards are decoupled from the group of students so:
    • designers can write a report/dashboard once and allow end-users to use that report/dashboard for any group of students with any filters
    • users can upload their own groups of students and view reports/dashboards with those students
  • Users can easily apply and combine filters such as “Low-income OR First-generation” or “Completed any gateway course but dropped out”
  • Users can run powerful Time Series Analyses without coding