Odessa College

We need to talk about actual outcomes as we have measured them at each of our colleges, and we need ZogoTech in order to understand that. Without the data, we would have no real way of having that conversation

Don WoodVP of Institutional Effectiveness

We want to know about the effectiveness of our institution and if we’re really preparing our students for success. ZogoTech has allowed us to use the data to assess that, and to refine the way we look at our own accountability.

Greg WilliamsPresident

In 2011, after being identified by the state for de-funding, Odessa College started using data to transform the way they made decisions.   They worked with ZogoTech to use data as a foundation for decision-making. Based on data he uncovered working with ZogoTech, Dr. Wood created the Drop Rate Improvement Program, which they used to double their graduation rate and eliminate equity gaps based on race, gender, and income despite no programs specifically focusing on equity.  Read more


  • Leah Meyer Austin Award (2018)
  • Aspen Rising Star (2017, 2019)
  • Aspen Top 150 (2017, 2019, 2021)
  • Texas Star Award (2017)

Southwest Texas Junior College

We are a small, rural college but as part of the Aspen Top 10 we are in the company of institutions like Miami Dade, the largest institution of higher education in the country.

We don’t have a large staff to do research on how we’re performing, but our college has the capacity to get that data because of ZogoTech.

Blaine BennettVice President of Student Services

In 5 years, SWTJC went from accreditation probation to being named one of the top 10 colleges in the country. The College accomplished this remarkable turnaround by deliberately moving from a culture of “best guess” to one based on evidence. They used “big data” analytics to identify large institution-wide changes and “small data” analytics to identify small cohorts of students for whom a specific, personalized intervention could make a real difference. Read more


  • Tied for the top Overall Economic Mobility rate among community colleges
  • Aspen Top 10 (2011)
  • Aspen Top 150 (2011, 2019, 2021)
  • Achieving the Dream Leader College

Brazosport College

Faculty can now access their own data without having to call IR

Cindy UlrichDirector of Institutional Research

Because so many people on campus can use ZogoTech, it generates conversations about the data. That’s the kind of thing that drives continuous improvements

Millicent ValekPresident

Brazosport uses ZogoTech to empower people throughout the institution to ask questions about their students and get answers without having to go through IR.

Brazosport has been recognized by the Aspen Institute for:

  • Exceptional short-term labor market outcomes for graduates  (82% above regional average)
  • Exceptional long-term labor market outcomes (65% above regional average)
  • Far greater equity in outcomes than the national average (49% Three-year completion and/or transfer rates for underrepresented minority students )


  • Aspen Top 10 (2011)
  • Aspen Top 150 (2011, 2021)
  • Achieving the Dream Leader College

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Western Texas College

The more data everyone has to make decisions in their area, the better we’ll be at effectively serving students and the community

Britt CanadaDirector of Institutional Research

ZogoTech allows me to easily get the data I need to measure my grant objectives

Mary HigdonTitle V Director

WTC uses ZogoTech to get data “into the hands of the people who really need data to make decisions.”   Title V uses ZogoTech to establish baseline measures and track grant objectives.    Read more

ZogoTech really speaks our language and they really want colleges to use data for decision-making. I didn’t hear that from the others. It isn’t just the relationship, but the understanding of the limitations of our student information system and what their software can do to overcome those limitations and effect decision-making.

Paul IllichVP of Planning and Information Technology (now president at Southeast CC)

ZogoTech has made us more efficient. We’re able to get information faster and the information is more reliable [...] What used to take a week now takes 10 minutes

Laura WichmanDirector of Institutional Research

McLennan Community College

Enrollment projection model.  See where the declines were coming from. Certain demographics, high school influences
Prior to ZT they had to pull info manually.
Grants, quickly turn around info for grants

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Collin College

Collin College has used ZogoTech Analytics to grow enrollment, identify completers, and get data out to administrators and instructional deans. ZogoTech’s Pathways Analytics module essentially runs every degree plan against every student, which helped Collin College identify over 400 awards that their degree audit system did not.

They also identified a number of students who were one course away from completing a credential but then mysteriously disappeared. By drilling into the data, they found that the college was only offering that course on the weekend.  They have also used ZogoTech to predict how many students they might have at a new campus. In addition, Collin College has grown their enrollment by drilling down and predicting how many sections to offer at each time of day.