“Because so many people on campus can use ZogoTech, it generates conversations about the data. That’s the kind of thing that drives continuous improvements and it plays a critical role in what we’re trying to do here”

Dr. Millicent ValekPresident, Brazosport College, Aspen Top 10 Finalist, AtD Leader College


  • Can you get the information you need for decision-making at your fingertips during a meeting?  Is it important that everyone get the same answer?
  • Can you ask follow-up questions, drill down to the granular level and be confident you are getting the right results?  Or are you dependent on other departments to respond and analyze your request?
  • Can everyone in your institution get access to similar information
    ( one version of the truth)?

Make decisions quicker and better

Less waiting means faster responses to inform decisions. Credible decisions making should  translate to better strategies to help students and increase overall student success. The opportunity cost can be substantial based on wasted time. Initial and follow up questions can be addressed in the time it previously took just to obtain a response.


Close the Loop:  Analyze, Act, and Assess

Action plans are well intentioned but they often flounder in the execution stage.  Executives routinely  don’t have insight into how plans are being carried out because front-line staff record their intervention data in various data silos spread across the college.  ZogoTech Analytics connects that intervention data with outcomes data (course withdrawal, retention, graduation, transfer, etc) and surfaces it in dashboards.  Easily drill down to understand problem areas and make the necessary and timely adjustments.


Personalized data

Generic dashboards and reports fail to push the institution forward because end users can’t see how high level goals (retention, enrollment, completion) relate to them or how they could impact those goals.  With ZogoTech Analytics,  advisors can reach out to their students who may have dropped out and see how their interventions are impacting the overall institutional goal.  Faculty can easily identify equity gaps among their students (depending on permissions) and administrators can slice and dice all of this information and drill down on problem areas most relevant to their areas and concerns.


Leverage your assets

The IR staff are one of the most valuable assets for an institution. ZT can help free them from data gathering and ad-hoc requests so they can conduct real analyses and significantly increase institutional improvement both operationally and strategically.


Democratize your Data

ZogoTech Analytics allows everyone at the college access to data without waiting on other departments (IR and IT).  People can drill down and pose questions on their own.  With an accurate data foundation and sophisticated data governance, you can be assured knowing people are getting the right results in a timely and customized fashion.

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