Michael Taft


Michael Taft is ZogoTech’s Chief Executive Officer. Since co-founding ZogoTech in 2003, he has worked to create solutions that help colleges and universities use data to improve institutional performance and student outcomes. Previously, Michael spent 10 years in software consulting for the Dallas County Community College District, the University of Kansas, IBM, Sprint, and AT&T. Michael graduated with high honors / Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Computer Science and Art History.

Rod Mancisidor


Rod Mancisidor is the Chief Information Officer at ZogoTech. He began his career as a full-time math professor and head of a university IT department. From the corporate world, he brings nearly 15 years of experience at IBM and HP, designing critical elements of IBM’s DB/2 database, microkernel, LDAP, and WebSphere’s Public Key Infrastructure. Rod holds sixteen software patents including four in Artificial Intelligence (expert systems), three in relational databases, and six in highly available cluster systems. He received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Networks from the University of Kansas.

Michael Nguyen

Vice President of Services

Michael Nguyen has long been invested in helping colleges and universities use data to improve student success. He brings more than 15 years of technical and management experience from Southwest Airlines and several startups in Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco. Michael holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, running, and playing basketball.

About Us

ZogoTech grew from a small company that began by helping student support groups retrieve the data they needed. Recognizing the need for efficient access to data, this team designed specialized products to address the exact concerns of each client. Fueled by hard work and meaningful partnerships with colleges, these early days were inspired by a passion for education reform and a commitment to institutions of higher learning.

Today, these same values are reflected in the products we make and the services we provide. For us at ZogoTech, good work means enabling colleges and universities to better serve their students. In addition to the individual advantages gained through postsecondary education, there are collective benefits as well, as our nation’s prosperity depends on its ability to prepare all young people for college, career, and life. Community colleges are instrumental in providing these opportunities — 6.2 million students pass through their doors every year, and we’re invested in ensuring their success.

We’ve built a team of like-minded people who work each day to support our customers, delivering the information and the services colleges need to help students achieve their goals.

Staying true to our core values over the years has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for. Our success is driven by our focus on creating the products that best serve our clients and, most importantly, their students.