Answer critical questions about student Academic Velocity and take action

  • Which students are close to completing (or have already completed) the requirements for ANY credential (not the one they are pursing)?
  • What are the most commonly needed courses next semester?
  • Which students are off-path?  Based on their course taking behavior, what program are they really pursuing?
  • Which students are candidates for reverse transfer (via NSC integration)?

Evaluate all paths for all students (in under a second)

  • ZogoTech’s Pathways Analytics module essentially runs a degree audit for every student against every program, for every term, in real-time (at one large college district this was over 1 billion degree audits – see below)
  • Users can immediately filter and run “what-ifs” in real-time rather than waiting on batch audits to complete.
  • Colleges can see progression towards transfer pathways or momentum points (e.g. core complete), not just towards credentials.

Increase Performance-Based Funding

  • Find students who already reached momentum points (graduation, core complete).
  • One Texas college discovered they had been under reporting core completers, equaling over $150,000 in performance-based funding.

Leverage all of your institution's data

  • Combine with LMS activity to identify students struggling in the last courses they need to graduate.
  • Link wage data to identify previous students who could probably increase their earnings by taking just a few more courses.
  • Identify students who might be closer to a higher wage credential than the one they are pursuing.
  • Combine with predictive analytics to find students predicted to struggle in key courses.

Increase Graduation Rates

  • Identify students who completed requirements for credentials which were never awarded.
  • Reduce excess credits and time to degree by quickly identifying students off-path.
  • Case Study – One college found hundreds of students who had dropped out with just one requirement remaining to complete a credential.  Many of them had requirements that could be satisfied by simple course substitutions.

Increase Enrollment and Retention

  • Re-recruit “near completers”  including students close to completing credentials they may not be aware of.
  • Identify and clear barriers to completing by combining with other data (e.g. Holds, Retention).
  • Find students who are off-path.
  • Since the program of study is often incorrect in the SIS, ZogoTech Analytics intelligently computes the students “apparent program” based on course taking behavior.

Personalized and Actionable

  • Allow end users to personalize the data to their role (e.g. students on their caseloads or in their department)
  • End users can run sophisticated queries without burdening IR / IT.  Left:  An advisor finds students on her caseload who enrolled in 2019 Fall, but not enrolled in 2020 Spring (yet), who are 1 requirement away from completing a degree, but can’t register due to holds.
  • Turn data into action:  one click to contact all of those students and record the contact for future assessment

Increase Transfer and Reverse Transfer

  • Leverage National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) information to identify students who were 1-2 classes away from completing a credential (any credential, not just the one they were pursuing), but transferred to a university.
  • Find students who transferred to a university but dropped out.
  • Improve transfer pathways:  setup different transfer pathways for different programs at each university.  Then automatically view or query student progress towards each pathway.

Case Study Briefs

  • A department chair could not figure out why students in a program seemed to drop out close to completing the program.   Looking at the data, it appeared that most students were just one course away.  Even more curious, when they drilled down, it turned out that students were all missing the same class.  Why?  That class was only offered on the weekend.
  • The administration of one college was going to eliminate a program since there were no students enrolled with that program of study.  However, when IR looked at the data in ZogoTech, they were able to see that there were indeed students pursuing that program (and close to completing), but had not declared that program in the SIS.
  • ZogoTech Analytics essentially runs a degree audit against every student for every program for every term in real time.  For one large community college district with > 3 million students in their database and hundreds of programs over many years this meant over 1 billion degree audits.  Users get the results in seconds rather than waiting overnight like typical degree audit systems.


Also see:  Many colleges have auto-grad systems.  How does this compare?

ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools consolidate the data needed to address such concerns.

The resulting metrics can be viewed in thorough ad-hoc reports, in comprehensive student profiles, and in executive dashboards and scorecards

— enabling everyone at every level to easily access the information they need, when it’s needed.

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