Pre-defined integrations

Deep, meaningful integrations with 20+ data sources at a college (all major SIS systems, LMS, tutoring, etc). We know which fields to get from each system and how they connect to fields in other systems. We also pull in other unstructured data, like Pathways / Degree Audit data.

Pre-built Transformations

Integrating data is the easy part. The hard, valuable part is transforming that raw data into useful, actionable information. It requires a deep understanding of higher education and how data in one system relates to data in others. ZogoTech Analytics includes a full data dictionary as well as the ability to track the lineage of the data back to its source system.

Predictive Analytics

The measures colleges traditionally use to identify students at-risk (e.g. GPA) are usually poor predictors and are not specific to each student's history. Big data and machine learning show you what really puts students at-risk -- at the institutional level and for each individual student.

Pathways Analytics

Essentially runs a degree audit for every student against every program, for every term, every night. Colleges can find students who are 1, 2, 3 courses away from completing ANY credential (not just the one they are pursuing)

Cohort Tracking

Isolate groups of students and follow their progress over time. For example, how long does it take students to graduate once they have completed one of several gateway courses?

The data here show that College Level Algebra is a huge gateway course (even double that of English and History)

Point in Time Data

Records changes to systems even if the systems do not. Colleges are able to get reproducible results day by day. For example, colleges can see enrollment today compared to the same day in the previous registration cycle down to the student level and regardless of whether the source system overwrote those numbers (e.g. backdating).

Data for Everyone

At most community colleges it can take days and even weeks to answer questions like:

  • How many students are at risk?

  • Once enrolled in class X, how long does it take a student to pass?

  • How long before he/she will enroll in/pass the subsequent class?

ZogoTech’s data warehouse and analytics tools consolidate the data needed to address such concerns.

The resulting metrics can be viewed in thorough ad-hoc reports, in comprehensive student profiles, and in executive dashboards and scorecards

— enabling everyone at every level to easily access the information they need, when it’s needed.

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