One Version of the Truth

Clean consistent data are the foundation of any analytics effort. Asking the same question should give you the same results regardless of who asks the question, which day they ask, or which tool they use. Rules should be specific to your institution, not generic and not shoehorned into a system set up for universities.

ZogoTech Analytics integrates data from dozens of data silos on campus and uses your institution’s rules to transform that raw data into actionable information. Trust in your data, so you can spend less time gathering data, more time analyzing (and acting on) data.

Personalized Analytics

Users need to be able to get personalized data on their own without burdening IR / IT. Personalization is more than a generic, institution-wide dashboard with a few filters at the top. Data need to be relevant to each user.

Users need to be able to drill down to their students, add additional filters, pivot, to understand the root causes of problems. Users need to be able to define their own cohorts and track them longitudinally.

Learn more: Pathways Analytics


Transform Raw Data into relevant, timely Information and iterate faster. Answer questions while in a meeting and make faster, more reliable decisions. Empower front-line staff with the ability to find their students and take action. Free IR departments to work on analysis rather than data gathering or designing reports.

Comprehensive and Open

Leverage all of your institution's data to get the full view of your students, from registration, to pathway progression, to transfer and employment. End users have access to a comprehensive set of pre-built student success metrics based on best practices from The Aspen Institute, CCA, CCRC, and AtD, among others. Our open architecture means you can integrate your own data sources, customize, and even use your own front-end tool (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI).


Analytics projects are notoriously difficult and many fail. With over 15 years of experience and a near 100% customer retention rate we can succeed where others stumble.

Data for Everyone

ZogoTech’s end-to-end analytics platform and apps empower everyone at your college with the right information and at the right time to impact student success.

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