College of the Mainland (COM) is on a mission with other Texas community colleges to help 300,000 Texans get back to work in the next 300 days (300×300 Initiative). Toward that end, COM has been intentional in their effort to become more data-informed to increase enrollment, retention, and completion.

“We have witnessed so many of our neighbors face unprecedented job loss during this difficult time.”
– Dr. Nichols, President, College of the Mainland

In this webinar presentation, you will learn how COM used ZT analytics to achieve the following:

– Increased enrollment by 22% by optimizing the course schedule

– Improved student completion by 26% by providing Advisors and others the data they needed, when they needed it

– Increased retention by proactively nudging students before they fall through the crack

College of the Mainland Presenters:

– Dr. Teresa Walker, Associate Vice President of Planning Effectiveness Assessment and Research

– Sarah Flores, Senior Research Analyst

– Alisha Lyon, Lead Academic Advisor

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