In this video case study, we spoke with Kim Kirby, Vice Chancellor & Department Chair, Arkansas County Arts & Sciences, Stuttgart Campus at Phillips Community College. Kirby sheds some light on how the college’s partnership with ZogoTech has enabled their staff to move past guess-work in efforts to really drill down on solving real problems across their campus through the use of data.

PCC has made great strides in serving their developmental & remedial students through the application of insights they have learned in coordination with ZogoTech analytics, and their teams continue to improve results & student success in critical areas.

ZogoTech has drastically improved data accessibility across campus allowing users across departments & levels of the institution to use ZogoTech ad hoc reports to facilitate improved & more efficient decision-making that has an impact in real-time, rather than having to go through the IR department & endure previously related lag.

Watch the full video case study above to learn more!