Our mission is to get more low-income and first generation students into the middle class — the American Dream.

We believe the best way we can help is by helping colleges make better decisions with the data that they have. The decisions that our colleges make affect millions of students across the country.


Analytics can save education. Really.

What do AIR, Educause and NACUBO all agree on? Data-informed decision making is the key to better student outcomes and institutional efficiency.


Congratulations to all of our colleges in the Aspen Top 150 for 2021

And congratulations to Odessa College for again being named one of the top 10 community colleges in the country. What are characteristics of top performing community colleges?


Administrators, Faculty, and Staff at community colleges across the country use ZogoTech Analytics to increase Enrollment, Progression, and Student Success

Product Features

ZogoTech Analytics is an end-to-end analytics solution that transforms raw data into personalized, actionable information (not pre-canned, generic dashboards!).

One Version of the Truth

Clean, consistent data are the foundation of any analytics effort.

Personalized Analytics

Users get relevant, timely data and can drill-down, filter, pivot and track their cohorts.


Spend less time gathering data and more time making decisions and taking action.

Comprehensive and Open

Get a full view of student progress from registration, to pathway progression, to transfer and employment.

We want to know about the effectiveness of our institution and if we’re really preparing our students for success. ZogoTech has allowed us to use the data to assess that, and to refine the way we look at our own accountability

Dr. Gregory WillamsPresident, Odessa College, Aspen Top 10, Leah Meyer Austin Award

ZogoTech really speaks our language and they really want colleges to use data for decision-making. I didn't hear that from other companies. It isn't just the relationship, but the understanding of the limitations of our SIS and what we can do to overcome those limitations and affect decision-making.

Dr. Paul IllichPresident, Southeast Community College

Because so many people on campus can use ZogoTech, it generates conversations about the data. That’s the kind of thing that drives continuous improvements and it plays a critical role in what we’re trying to do here

Dr. Millicent ValekPresident Brazosport College, Aspen Top 10
Data for Everyone

Empower people at your institution with the data they need to help students succeed

  • Leverage all of your institution’s data

  • Look at high level aggregate KPIs specific to your particular set of students

  • Drill down to uncover the stories behind the data

  • Take action with specific groups of students

Case Studies

Case Studies
September 21, 2020

Collin College – Client Snapshot Case Study

Collin College has used ZogoTech Analytics to grow enrollment, identify completers, and get data out to administrators and instructional deans. ZogoTech’s Pathways Analytics module essentially runs every degree plan against…
Case Studies
July 17, 2020

Data For Everyone – Alvin Community College (ACC) Case Study

The Situation The ZogoTech data warehouse & personalized pathways analytics module has enabled Alvin Community College (ACC) users across multiple departments & many campuses to leverage actionable data in creating…
Case Studies
March 1, 2020

Using Data to Reduce Poverty (Phillips CC)

ZogoTech is a social enterprise with a passion for increasing student success in broad access institutions. We combine 15 years of experience in student success data with cutting edge technology to help colleges democratize access to data.

Our end-to-end analytics solution transforms raw data into personalized, actionable information (not pre-canned, generic dashboards!).

Everyone at the college from Executives to Faculty to Student Services can make data-informed decisions to help their students succeed.

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